In a fertility flump…where we are now.

Dandelion wishes.

I have popped some updates on my Instagram page but there is only so much you can fit in a caption or story!

I’m in a fertility flump…a phrase i read online once, and what a perfect line to explain how i feel right now! At my last appointment with the recurrent miscarriage consultant my blood tests had increased, meaning the thyroid medication i have been taking since November needed to be increased. It was a hard pill to swallow, pardon the pun, as i along with the consultant expected my levels to be normal.

I am not an expert when it comes to the blood tests as its a pretty new thing. Ask me about blood tests relating to Chris’s heart condition and i can talk for days, this not so much!

My understanding is that my result has always been satisfactory and under the normal level, but the fertility clinic have a lower level that they consider normal. 4 is normal, the hospital want it under 2.5 and my result was 3.6. I started 25mcg of thyroid medication and my reuslt is now 4.9 so my medication has been increased to 75mcg. The consultant doesn’t know why its increased.

The side effects have knocked me for six the last week. Headaches every day, feeling sick, drained and tired and i have never been so sweaty in my life, but if they do their job i wont complain…well maybe only a little bit! I have to have blood tests again in 6 weeks to see if they are helping lower the levels.

I am normally a ‘glass half full’ type of person, but infertility is bloody hard and there has definitely been some half glass empty days in the last few months. It’s like the saying ‘some see a weed, some see a wish’. Everything is definitely looking like weeds at the moment, but hopefully there will be lots of wishes in my garden again soon.

I thought i would share some of the natural approaches i have been taking to infertility, i think it really helps my mental health, and personally i am a big believer that natural things can help just as much as Doctors and medicine.

Wild nutrition.

We have recently started taking Wild nutrition fertility supplements and i have started taking extra vitamin D, iron and folic acid. They are food grown supplements, and don’t taste as bad as most vitamins do! I haven’t been taking them long, but i don’t get sick after taking them like i have with other brands. This link will give you £10 off.

Nothing fishy omega 3.

Another supplement i am taking are omega 3 from Nothing fishy. I am not a fan of fish, so it was something i needed, and these are safe for pregnancy.

Yes mum fertility affirmation cards.

PMA- positive mental attitude…these Yes mum fertility affirmation cards are the perfect thing to read when i wake up in the morning or when i am having a wobble.

Each pack has 31 cards, and comes in a little box the perfect size to pop in your pocket or bag. I read one each morning, or just before an appointment. I find they really help as a little pick me up, and if we are lucky enough to have a baby i will definitely be purchasing some of the other collections that are available.

Infertility crystal prescription.

I am a massive believer in crystals, this infertility prescription from San circle crystal prescription contains Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Red Tigers Eye, Shiva Lingham and Green Jade. I love the quote on their website ‘Mother natures medicine cabinet’. At the moment i keep them in a bag by my bed but i will start carrying them around with me in the day as suggested in the instructions.

Martha Brook stationery.

Hands down the lushest notebook i have ever purchased! It’s from Martha Brook and was a custom cover that i requested. I use it to keep notes from the appointments or to remind myself of any questions that i need to ask, also just to keep notes of our fertility journey. Its not all doom and gloom and is something i want to look back on and read about in the future, hopefully a book for future babies to look back and read as well!

I won a competition for preconception support in the nutrition clinic with Laura at The pregnancy food co. I highly recommend following their Instagram page, its full of helpful hints and tips. I will definitely post an update about this at a later date, but so far Laura’s help has been amazing.

We’ve also tried a few other things, including Ovusense and Conceive plus, but i haven’t been using these for long so the verdict is still out, i will update in a few months.

Even if this helps just one woman feel not so alone i’ll be happy. I think infertility is one of the most isolating things i have ever gone through.

Sammy xx

*DISCLAIMER- The above supplements are being taken with the advice and support of my consultant, please ensure you seek medical/professional advice before starting any supplements.*

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