A little introduction.

I thought I would just write a short post to say hello and introduce ourselves!

I’m Sammy, 26, married to Chris, 31. We live in Bristol with our fur baby, Steve the cat, formally know as Percy, but now only responds to Steve. He’s fluffy, annoying, bites and generally is a pain in the ass, but he’s my baby and I wouldn’t change him for the world now.

We got married in 2014, after meeting in 2012, actually we met in June, got engaged in September and moved in together in October, we didn’t hang around!

We started trying for a baby pretty quickly, and I naively thought we would get pregnant and have a baby no problems at all.

I’m going to write more in-depth posts about our fertility journey as this is primarily what this blog will be about, but after lots of tests, miscarriages and heartache I found myself turning to blogs and pages of other ladies and couple who I could relate to.

I recently set up a personal Instagram page, Sammy Patnett, as I didn’t want to much crossover on my business page, Sam’s crafty corner.

I was getting a few questions about our journey, and some ladies just wanting to chat to someone who understood, so I decided to start a blog.

I’m not sure how much or how often I’ll write. I’m really nosy and love reading blogs and I’m always open about our appointments and what we are going through, however Chris is a very private person, so he may not feature as much, but I’ll definitely start with some more background on our journey to start a family so far.

Sammy xx